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The Real Escape Investing Podcast

The Very Real Estate Effect Investing in Quebec Podcast

Terrie Schauer from the Real Escape Investing Podcast shares her method for escaping the constraints of time, income and geography with the vehicle of real estate investing. By hacking the investing game, Terrie was able to support her family, train as an elite combat athlete, and live abroad. She’s sharing how you can use Real Estate investing to live your dreams too. Discover how you can reach financial freedom, invest anywhere in North America, and get your life back with real estate.

Are you a real estate investor looking to grow your portfolio? Welcome to the Very Real Estate Effect Podcast. This show provides insight into the intricacies of real estate investing in Quebec through interviews with some successful investors and industry professional experts at their niche. Imagine you could be a fly on the wall in a room filled with seriously talented positive investors and tune in to their conversations, thinking patterns, habits,